˜Sold Out˜

˜A “Must- Have” for Anderson County, Texas Research˜


Anderson County, Texas Probate Records Index: 1846 - 1878


Michael J. Vaughn, JD, LLM


˜     Abstracts information from the 1846-1878 Probate Records Index

˜     The 1846-1878 Probate Records Index is much more than an index; it is a summary of information from probate cases filed in those years taken from the volumes of Probate Records, Probate Minutes & Probate Case Papers

˜     Gives family relationships of individuals named in cases

˜     Death dates and places given in many instances; many locations in other counties & states found; other interesting information included

˜     Arranged alphabetically by probate case name

˜     Contains a separate index of all other names found in the Probate Records Index – a feature not available elsewhere  

˜     Additional information added from other sources

˜     Introductory section explaining the scope of Anderson County probate materials, how to access them and how to find cases among the records

˜     Citation to online sources & image numbers that are now available

˜     The first new Anderson County research material in years

˜     Printed on acid-free paper, hard-back cloth binding, 8½" x 11," 328 pages

˜     The author has 50+ years of experience in Anderson County genealogical and historical research

˜     Presented in easy to read format, columns and rows easy to keep separate



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